Empowering Yourself

imageStraight to the point- here is my personal list that I’m working on to empower myself:

– Learn to say no without excuses

– Develop the life that you want

-Evolve your relationship by applying new understanding

-Unleash your soul force by having a spiritual practice that works for you

-Commit to a dream

-Have hope. Know that everything is always changing.

-Allocate time to what inspires you and feeds your soul

-Align yourself with those that elevates you

-Contemplate. Nature, yourself. Aristotle called it the highest form of activity.

-Make a list of everything that you are desiring using the I AM…

-Conscious vulnerability is empowering. Allow true connection to take place

-Identify yourself as an Infinite Being

-Exercise enthusiasm.

Entheos means God-

Iasm means within

-Practice compassion: understand that everyone is on their own journey and doing the best they can

-Remove all labels from yourself

-Become more mindful. Remember you can choose how you’re going to react

-Your body is a temple: care for it. Move, sleep, eat healthfully, pamper it…

-Lift weights or do yoga to strengthen your body and your mind

-Do activities that bring you joy..


-Align your decisions with your core values

-Stop blaming (take responsibility)

-Set the tone and hold the space wherever you are. Your presence has a lot of power!

-Walk straight. Posture sets the tone for your mind and vice versa

-Be fully engaged in whatever you are doing

-Laugh often and especially at yourself

– Care for the earth. How can you affect positive change?

-Practice being positive. I know…keep up at it… It’s a practice…

-Love yourself well -love your neighbor just as much

-Believe in whatever you can imagine

Deception And How It Affects Beauty

imageOmraam Mikhael Aivanhov once said: ‘There is a stream of life and there is a stream of death. The first degree of death is discontent. If we are not careful, discontent turns into sadness, even sullenness. This sadness turns into sufferings which can become physical pain. The pain becomes illness…Whereas, contentment and gratitude leads us to the stream of life.’

The idea of deception and how it affects beauty may seem odd but it’s real. As a child, I spent my time observing, I lived in full awareness. Even though I spoke so little, the many visitors who came by, acknowledged my presence by stating that I was very ‘observant’.

I now understand the difference between being observant and aware. The awareness of my observation is what gave me so much to learn from.

I remember knowing instantly by observing people’s faces, those who were sad from one unfortunate situation compared to those, who carried years of pain and deception.  I felt the sadness and weight of their problems and even felt their unspoken intentions… I could ‘see’ revenge, pride, anger and could even ‘smell’ their illness before they were aware of it.

Time and over again, these faces would either carry the final imprints of their experiences or would soften to reveal more of who they were meant to become. If the lesson was learned, humility and kindness would set in and their features would reveal more vibrancy, filled with a certain light, as if a new beginning. Somehow, more of their beauty would show- just like Nanny Mc Phee, I remembered thinking: ‘lesson learned’.

As a child, I was aware of the most basic universal laws. I remember seeing the effects of long-term discontent on people’s faces. Their skin hardened, their lines were more pronounced as if the weight of their disappointments rested on their faces.

I went on to study Chinese Face Reading techniques to have a deeper understanding on how facial expressions impressed on one’s life and destiny. This holistic study proves that the face carries within its lines, features and even moles, imprints of our characters, our aptitudes and even, our destiny.

It is important to understand that our deceptions and disappointments are not meant to be held inside, harbored in and carried out throughout our lives to become our stories, indefinitely. They are meant to be transcended and worked thru to allow a better version of ourselves for a richer life.

The more one allows deception to take a hold of their emotions, the more it will reflect as a pattern in their life, and that pattern will intricate itself on the face and the physical body.

It’s very easy to recognize the man or the woman whose life weighs deeply on their face. The face never lies. There is also a big imprint on one’s soul when in the presence of someone filled with the lightness of being, loving and living.

When looking at yourself in the mirror, if you’re not happy with what you see, instead of thinking of purchasing the next beauty cream – or contemplating the next procedure – ask yourself: ‘what deceptions do I need to let go of?’- ‘what story no longer serves me?’

True beauty starts inward always. Start there and you will see how much brighter and lovelier your life can be.

In Light,








Life, Liberty And The Pursuit Of Happiness

imageIt took me a while to understand the true meaning of ‘in the pursuit of life, liberty of happiness’. It can mean so many different things for many, as each of us, pursue these in a different way.

It’s all good. Each of us, came here to figure it out, to progress our soul in the way that our destiny has it configured for us and our own will to move us forward.

I was a teenager when I first saw this quote. I could taste and see my dreams in that sentence. I would get all fired up as I could feel the validation of why I was pursuing so many things, all at the same time. I thought of all the things I wanted to experience and accomplish and how they would make my life better and complete. Goals were reached and many more were set to be accomplished. I love the growth and the movement. After all, as humans, movement is life. Without growth and change, our lives become numb. We need dreams and goals and the task of pursuing what makes us feel good and enriches our lives.

I am still in the business of ensuring that my life gets plenty of movement. I actually love it. I feel as if these moments of newness validate my existence, as in, truly grasping life by both hands!

Lately, something changed. The pursuit of growth is still my very best friend. The life, liberty and happiness parts, have become more innate for me. I realized that what they actually mean cannot be experienced in a moment, they must be felt incessantly, consistently, as if a part of me. I feel it’s possible. Why not? How this inspiration came about was when I started chanting. The bliss one feels when you decide to take time for yourself to connect with your Source, is the beginning of honoring your very own existence. The freedom, the life and happiness you feel are truly yours to have. This feeling is accessible every time you take a walk in nature or practice some form of meditation or communion with the divine. Whether you chant, pray, meditate, journal or dance or sing… It doesn’t matter, asking yourself to ‘reveal thyself’ while going inward, is your opportunity to feel free, to be. Whenever one needs to be recharged, find perspective, access answers, calm the mind and reboot your happiness-meter, go inward.

Your thoughts, your imagination and connecting with your inner world, just gives. Gives back to you. All you need is there.

I invite you to believe in your power to truly guide your destiny, to shape your thoughts and find true energy.  Start today. I promise you will find what you’re looking for.

In honor of you.





Finding Your Voice In The Midst Of Chaos

imageWith the recent horrors in Paris, Syria, Egypt, Lybia and Kenya, our beliefs about safety and stability have become compromised and our sense of identity, shaken.

It is natural to experience fear, rage, anger, desperation to such violations…

For those experiencing these feelings, our humanness remains uncompromised. The pain of such injustices and these acts of terror bring us together in solidarity, always. We stand with and for each other.

As we hold one another with compassion, what are we telling ourselves and each other?

It can be difficult to understand that moments of darkness always bring us the opportunities for The Light to enter. We have the capacity to choose: to become rigid and paralyzed by fear or to grow in wisdom.

What does it mean to grow from such experiences?There is always discomfort in finding your own truth, this part of you that knows you have the capacity to choose how to respond- always – and that wisdom is our truest nature.

We can look at these times to create more meaning in our lives through our vision and our voice. If we want more peace, we need to entertain a vision of peace, speak more of it and less of the fear and hate that has ravaged us. If we want more love, we must give and spread more of it and provide support in the name of love, not fear.

Another way to access positive energy is to find out more about what you care about from your core. If an idea feels true to you – ask: how can I express my truth?

Find opportunities through your work, your community, your family and in your life – that are founded on substance, peace and love, then use your voice to manifest them.

Your voice can uplift many and has the capacity to create an impact, which can create change. Your voice is a buffer to the negative repercussions that can infiltrate our morale. Your voice can resonate with others that share your views and create a bigger body of change, a wider consciousness.

That is how love wins.

At times, life will throw the hardest, incomprehensible situations at us, how do you choose to respond?

You are the curator of your life. Your vision and your voice can be the beacons of light in the midst of chaos.

For Peace,


What Gives You More Life?

You do know of that extra jolt you experience when you’re one with yourself? When you feel alive and you smile.? When your heart pounds and you feel yourself at ease and uplifted, while at the same time, challenged and excited?  Your senses are awakened and you just know you belong…

I love asking this question to friends and strangers. At first, most people feel uncomfortable to have such a direct question thrown at them. I always smile when I see their reaction and then they typically smile in return and take a pause…

Then the mind opens. Most talk about their family, their work, a good movie, reading, traveling and being in the company of people who are alive, happy and hold great conversations..

I then ask the same question again. This time around, the soul attempts to open. I’ve heard stories of loving the trapeze and wanting to join the circus,  singing operas and wanting to sing for an audience, the love of flying and wanting to conduct an airplane, gardening and farming in Tuscany on 20 acres… So many stories have enchanted me through the years.

These connections, I hope, changed the way we interacted with each other and made a mark in our pursuit of happiness. Aside from our jobs and our obligations, creating the vibe to allow others and ourselves to share our deepest stories, is how we can help each other reach for our dreams.

I remember some time after our initial meeting,  hearing about the ‘trapeze lady’ who wanted to join the circus, had made her dream come true.  She was traveling the world for Barnum and Bailey. I don’t take credit for helping her find her way but I know that I got her excited from talking about it, reminding her of her dream, which wanted to emerge.

This is a gift we can give to each other and ourselves, This is one process of revealing our essenceimage.

Ask often: ‘what gives you life, what gives me life?

There is always an answer.  The answer alone will make you feel more alive. The process of verbalizing your truth can lead you to a decision.

Go out there and ask these questions. Access people in a different way and create rapport with them, truly hear them, listen wholeheartedly and validate them.

Do the same for yourself. Infuse life with more life.

In Certitude,


Your Declaration Of Independence


Every independent country has a Declaration of Independence.

Freedom of mind, our thoughts and direction are our greatest needs and rights. Our advantage to be exercised.

One’s personal Declaration of Independence is a map of what you intend for your life, a written agreement to pursue what you believe in and the values that bring you closer to your innate wisdom. It defines the beginning of something new.

Have you thought of writing your own Declaration of Independence?

Here are some tips:

  • Write your name: ‘ This declaration of Independance is for …’
  • Write the present date: ‘ I declare on this date…’
  • Start with giving thanks for what is to come: ‘I am grateful for…’
  • Use ‘I AM’ to declare the characteristics you want to have..e.g. ‘I am friendly..’ To align you with all that you have access to in the universe.
  • Write in the present tense to activate your alignment with the feeling of what you are declaring.
  • Dream big and raise your standards!
  • Don’t forget to sign it!

Place it somewhere where you can see it. You can even creatively frame it and print it!

Take the time to read it out loud and with confidence. Allow yourself to visualize your intentions, while accessing as many of your senses as possible.  Feel it, taste it, breathe it, you get the picture!

Having a Declaration of Independence will support your focus on what you intend for your life and will remind you of your power to manifest.

In Manifestation,


Embodying Essence

The Work of Ousia

Your Ousia is your essence.  From the work of Aristotle, meaning ‘to be’ and ‘substance’- in other words: our true selves. Throughout life, many tend to loose sight of who we truly are, where we come from and how we want to feel and be…

I created Ousia to help women find the space to re-imagine the possibilities for themselves.

During the 90-days organic blooming process, I will look at your self-image history and apply life-changing tools, such as NLP and EFT to clear your way of negative experiences around self and body images.  I look at how it has affected your self-confidence and provide you with self-empowering tools to rebuild your confidence.

I then take you on a journey of self-care, which is comprised of providing you with an understanding of your individualized skin care routine, tailored specifically to your needs and goals.  We then discuss holistic lifestyle changes, a plant-base approach to your diet to invigorate and rejuvenate you.  I also offer a new understanding around using makeup and teach you makeup techniques using all natural, holistic products. We then dive-in into the world of color and use color analysis and styling with Feng Shui principles to support your inner transformation. The focus is not on fashion, instead on styling your body’s curves and shape – to reveal your personality, culture, creative ideas and set the tone to help you achieve new intentions.

My approach in teaching you how to unveil your authentic beauty is holistic and elegant. You will feel your presence emanating a new found grace!

Ousia is an invitation to women to access their point power from within.image

In Beauty,